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Are you having trouble with an AFC product? The most common problems our users face have been compiled into the convenient FAQ below.

If you do not see the answer to your question in the FAQ, please open a support ticket at GiPubs.com. Indicate what product you are writing about and include information about the problem such as what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, what error messages appear, and what steps you have taken to try to correct the problem.


  • I can’t uninstall or re-install: “This program is already installed on this computer!”

  • If you see an error that reads “This program is already installed on this computer” while attempting to install AFC software, it is due to one of these reasons: full answer»

  • Can I have your software for free?

  • Unfortunately we can not give our software out for free. While one of our primary goals is to continue to help service members by providing them resources and tools that allow them to work more efficiently, we can not accomplish this without the revenue from products like Counsel Quick. Programming hours aren’t free, customer service reps aren’t free, sales staff aren’t free, web development and hosting isn’t free, etc. full answer»

  • Why can I not update my software?

  • If your AFC software fails to update to the latest version by means of the automated updater program, (1) your installer version is somehow corrupted and the updater does not recognize it, (2) you have a very old version of the software and it is trying to download the update from the wrong server, or (3) the updater file itself is somehow corrupted on your hard drive. full answer»

  • How do I un-protect counseling statements in Word?

  • The example counseling statements in Counsel Quick are available in both Word and Lotus Forms Viewer formats. The Word forms are set up so that you can quickly jump though the applicable form fields to customize the counselings. If you find that you wish to edit information that is not in one of the default form fields, you can simply un-protect the document and do with it as you please. full answer»

  • File is missing – Counsel Quick could not access “setting.ini” (or other file)

  • One or more files have been corrupted or deleted, or otherwise the system cannot access the file(s). These files are located in the folder “sysbackup”. full answer»

  • My Notes or Counseling Tracker have lost my saved information

  • The files for your notes and counseling tracker are stored in a location based on the user account you are logged in as. If you have run the program under a different user account and made changes, they will not be visible if you log in as a different user. full answer»

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