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PDG Ultimate 2013

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Are you preparing for the Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the United States Air Force Supervisory Examination (USAFSE)? Every Airman in the USAF will have to take these tests to get promoted. PDG Ultimate comes 4 different testing modes to let you study the way that works best for you.

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“ It's one of the best study tools I've ever used. I can study practically anywhere. ”
- iPhone user


Product Details

PDG Ultimate comes loaded with over 1,700 questions. Each question is include in both flashcard and multiple-choice format.

PDG Ultimate is your all-in-one study guide for Air Force promotions.

Worried about compromising your test? Not a chance. Airmen are forbidden to use test prep tools that use questions taken from previous tests, and we would not put you in that position. PDG Quiz is a study aid built from material taken out of the Air Force's own published study material. No actual examination was used to generate these questions. To drive this point home, every card includes a specific paragraph reference that shows you right where the information exists in the PDG.

Next time you find yourself bored during a long commercial break or sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, pull out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and start making your way towards more stripes, increased pay, and professional fulfillment.


  • Nearly 1,700 multiple-choice and true/false questions
  • 4 different studying modes
  • Study without an active internet connection (3G/WiFi not required)
  • Mastery system will skip questions you consistently answer correctly (Practice Mode only)
  • Save your highest quiz scores and share them online
  • Review your quiz results and see which questions you missed
  • Appealing graphics and familiar touch controls like swipe gestures
  • Questions include PDG page references for in-depth study
  • Quizzes are generated randomly, you'll never see the same quiz twice
  • Mission Mode: A study game that will truly put your knowledge to the test
  • Flashcards for those that prefer tried and true study techniques


  • Effective for promotions through Fall, 2015
  • Content derived from the latest PDG (OCT 2013)
  • Professionally developed App, created and supported by the leading publishers of professional military reading and digital media


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We also love to hear feature requests. After all, we have made this tool for you. It should work how you expect.

Please route all support requests and feature suggestions through our ticketing system: Open a Ticket.

Practice Mode

Select a chapter and swipe your way through all of the available multiple-choice questions. Answer any question, and the app will let you know instantly if you're correct. If you chose the wrong answer, the app will show you the correct one.

This mode will also learn your strengths. Answer a question correctly often enough and you'll earn a "Mastery" badge for that question. Mastered questions will show up less frequently, so you can focus where you need the most work.

Practice Mode provides the benefit of immediate feedback. A useful tool for those times you don't have time to take a test. This gives you a method that's faster than a quiz, and provides a better test-taking experience than flashcards.

Quiz Mode

If you're ready to see how you'll do on the actual test, try out Quiz Mode. Pick from 3 preset quiz lengths, and test yourself against randomly selected questions from every chapter. If you get stuck, you can skip the question. Once you reach the end of the test, the app will tell you how many questions you skipped, and can take you back to the first question you skipped.

Your best scores are saved for each quiz length. Social sharing allows you to share your best scores on Facebook or Twitter to let you show off a little to your friends.

Every test is generated randomly so you'll never see the same quiz twice. In short, Quiz Mode allows you take a virtual, no-risk PFE/USAFSE.

Review your Quiz!Knowing a score only does so much to help you study. At the end of the quiz, you can review the questions you missed to help identify where to focus your studying.


Sometimes even the fanciest tools are no match for a good set of flashcards. Just pick and chapter and start studying. Mark any flashcard as a favorite so you can revisit it later. You can also create your own custom flashcards in the Custom Chapter.

Mission Mode

Ready for a real challenge? Put your skills to the test with Mission Mode. This mode will take you through an entire chapter of questions, with a twist. Answer correctly, and you carry on with your studying. But mind your fuel. For every question answered incorrectly, you lose a fuel can. Lose all of your fuel, you'll be ejected from Mission Mode.

Make it past "checkpoints" in the chapter to recover your lost fuel. Can you make it all the way to the control tower without running out of gas? Collect medals along the way for your achievements. Collect all 6 medals for each chapter and prove your PDG mastery.