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PDG Quiz 2011

Image of PDG Quiz App Image of PDG Quiz App

Are you an Airman in the United States Air Force? One test stands between you and a promotion. Whether that test is the Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the United States Air Force Supervisory Examination (USAFSE), this App is the tool you need to prepare yourself.

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This app is still for sale at a reduced rate, but is not up to date with the 2013 edition of PDG!

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“ This app is amazing. It doesn't crash at all and I hope it helps me make my next rank. A friend told me about this app and I'm glad he did. ”
- iPhone user


Product Details

Are you gearing up for the PFE or USAFSE? PDG Quiz contains nearly 2,000 questions for Airmen who want to take their studying to the next level.

PDG Quiz is your take-anywhere practice test for Air Force promotions.

Worried about compromising your test? Not a chance. Airmen are forbidden to use test prep tools that use questions taken from previous tests, and we would not put you in that position. PDG Quiz is a study aid built from material taken out of the Air Force's own published study material. No actual examination was used to generate these questions. To drive this point home, every card includes a specific paragraph reference that shows you right where the information exists in the PDG.

Next time you find yourself bored during a long commercial break or sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, pull out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and start making your way towards more stripes, increased pay, and professional fulfillment.


  • Nearly 2,000 multiple-choice and true/false questions
  • Study without an active internet connection (3G/WiFi not required)
  • Mastery system automatically skips to questions you need to focus on
  • Save your highest quiz scores for your records and challenge your friends
  • Review your quiz results and see which questions you missed
  • Appealing graphics and familiar touch controls like swipe gestures
  • Questions include PDG page references for in-depth study
  • Each quiz is generated on the fly, you'll never see the same quiz twice


  • Effective for promotions through Fall, 2013
  • Content derived from the latest PDG (OCT 2011)
  • Professionally developed App, created and supported by the leading publishers of professional military reading and digital media


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We also love to hear feature requests. After all, we have made this tool for you. It should work how you expect.

Please route all support requests and feature suggestions through our ticketing system: Open a Ticket.

Practice Mode

Choose a chapter and swipe through random questions at will. When you find a question you want to try, pick your answer from the available choices. If you pick the wrong answer, the correct solution will be indicated immediately.

Don't waste your time answering the same questions again and again. As you progress through a chapter in Practice Mode, the app will learn your strengths. Answer a given question correctly often enough and you will Master it. Mastered questions appear less often as you advance through the Chapter. How many Mastery Badges can you earn?

Quiz Mode

When you are ready for the real show, move on to Quiz Mode. This is your PFE/USAFSE simulator. Pick from three preset quiz lengths and do your best against a set of random questions pulled from each chapter. Stuck? You can skip questions in Quiz Mode, but don't forget to come back and select an answer before you finish or they will hurt your score.

Your best score for each length of quiz is saved. Keep pushing for your personal best or share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to drum up some friendly competition. Since quizzes are generated on the fly, you will never see the same quiz twice.

Review Mode

After completing any quiz, you will be given the option to review the questions you missed. The answer you selected will be marked alongside the correct answer. This helps you focus on correcting your errors and strengthening your weak areas.