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AFPAM36-2241 Professional Development Guide

Many of you are unaware of the process the Pro­fes­sional Devel­op­ment Flight from AFOMS uses to deter­mine the sub­ject mat­ter in AFPAM 36–2241, Pro­fes­sional Devel­op­ment Guide. There­fore, it is impor­tant we men­tion the role of the MKTS Advi­sory Coun­cil. The MKTS Advi­sory Coun­cil, chaired by the CMSAF, is com­prised of all MAJ­COMs, selected field oper­at­ing agen­cies (FOA), and direct report­ing units (DRU) CCMs. The coun­cil con­venes every 2 years to deter­mine the applic­a­bil­ity of the infor­ma­tion con­tained in the cur­rent PDG and approves new sub­ject mat­ter for inclu­sion in the next revi­sion. They base their deci­sions on your feed­back and the results of an MKTS sur­vey admin­is­tered to NCOs through­out the Air Force.


  1. MSgt Heath says:

    When and what down­load address will the new 2013–2015 PDG AFPAM 36–2241.Randolph siad this week.

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